Special Offer | From now till End of November (Nov 30) | HVAC Training Class $1500 | 15 week course

Special Offer
From now till End of November (Nov 30) | HVAC Training Class $1500 | 15 week course


We offer HVAC training in Flint, MI, specifically designed for contractors, property management companies, and maintenance employees.


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Newman Springs

HVAC EPA608 Certification


HVAC BOOTCAMP offers an extensive heating and cooling training program ideal for newcomers and veterans alike.
Our classes cover everything from electron theory to thermal dynamics. We also provide hands-on training for all types of equipment from numerous manufacturers.


Owner Brien Hollis has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has both the experience and qualifications necessary to instill up-and-coming technicians with the knowledge they need to get the job done.
Our classes cover everything from electron theory to thermal dynamics. We also provide hands-on training for all types of equipment from numerous manufacturers.

EPA/HVAC Certifications Test are only $90!

Study Manuals is an additional $10


• NES Plumbing
• Lamb Heating & Cooling
• Blue Flame Heating & Cooling
• Michigan Rehabilitation Services
• KT Group Incorporated
• Bavarian Inn
• ESCO Institute
• EPA Certifications


• Bavarian Inn
• Lamb Heating & Cooling
• Steve’s Plumbing & Heating
• Holland Heating & Cooling

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Bob Woodward is Chief Engineer Facilities Operation Manager for Bavarian Inn Frankenmuth, Cheese Haus, Theater, and River Place. This is what he had to say about the training of their staff:
"The first two employees we had HVAC Boot Camp trained, saved us $120,000 the first year. Not bad for a $3,000 investment.
This only included outside contractors. We also found 22 AC units over charged with refrigerants. Keep in mind, we were not working on them yet. Outside contractors or vendors, were the one's overcharging the units. Once we corrected those issues our utilities dropped and our equipment broke down less often.
We have now sent 6 employees, including myself to HVAC Boot Camp and as you can see it has paid for itself. If you own or manage properties, then it is easy to see your profits will increase with educated staff. HVAC Boot Camp has exceeded our expectations."
– Bob Woodward
"I've learned a lot in a short time about air conditioning and heating systems and the electrical controls. The thing I like is you can carry the process Brien teaches for troubleshooting other things such as automobiles or other things. Brien is a good teacher and very knowledgeable about mechanical systems and electrical. I've carried what I learned in installing a water heater in my house. Brien makes it fun and easy to learn in a real world environment and on actual equipment."
– Mark Miehm
"Brien's class is very informative and hands on. I've learned more in 12 weeks than most people learn in 2 years. I feel we get enough out of this class to walk into a CAREER, not a Job! The thing is were are you going to get a start in a trade for what little money put forth. Brien is a very personable and caring person, in turn not one student is left behind. Everyone gets one on one time needed to succeed. So if you walk away not learning anything its because you didn't apply yourself.
– Robert Carpenter
"Everyday spent in class is a learning experience; I've learned to assemble air conditioners, the ohm's and power law, in the tenth week of class so far and I have also learned to wire control boards and assemble heating furnace. Brian is a great instructor who gives clear understanding of all material; the hands on learning is a great way to assure good workers in the field. If your thinking of taking a hvac/r class, search no further. I am T'Aire Booth and my learning experience at HVAC Boot camp is knowledgeable."
– T'Aire Booth
"My name is JeRielle Booth. I am taking these HVAC classes thru Brian. When I started I had no idea about any of this. Now that we are in our tenth week of class I feel like I'm ready for a new career. I understand everything because Brian makes sure you get and understand everything he teaches. He takes the time to really teach and make sure each student understands. This class is well worth taking, it's fun, you actually learn. If your interested in HVAC, Brian is a great instructor. He knows everything there is to know about the field. Great class."
– JeRielle Booth
"I like this class. Im in my 11th week. I learned a lot so far I like how most is hands on and I can see how things work. Brian is a great teacher he makes sure I understand everything before we move on and we have fun doing it. I've never liked school but I like coming here. I learned how to build circuits, how to troubleshoot, what all the parts are and what they do. I look forward to taking the next class."
– James Leadman
"To Whom It May Concern, My name is Scott Smith. I met Brien Hollis approximately 12 years ago when working for a property management company called XXXXXXXX Properties. Brien was one of the contractors we used when the new manager took over at the time. I wasn't very good at working on furnaces and air conditioners and Brien took me under his wing and started showing me quick troubleshooting techniques. Brien offered my employer to teach the rest of our repairman and offered the same to other apartment complexes as well. I learned so much from Brien and actually was no longer afraid to work on furnaces. Since I have met Brien I have attended two of his 8 week classes am currently enrolled in his HVAC Boot Camp program. Brien has a knack for explaining things in terms everyone can understand and I'm never disappointed. He usually has us do a lot of hands on and putting things together and it makes the class fun to be in. Brien has a lot of patients and loves what he does. I hope this helps.”
– Scott Smith
“I started this class knowing absolutely nothing about air conditioning or heating and each week I learn something new to add to the previous week. Brien is interested in making sure each and every student learns and is prepared to enter this trade and will work with you until you get it. I am learning so much!”
– Dawn Arredondo


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